During my journey, I realized that I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE! That means several things but to break it down a little better for you, I’m Not The Only One: who wants to accomplish great things, who has a fear of failing, experiencing tough times, experiencing self-doubt at times, have experienced the feeling of being lost, feels like you’re not enough, experiences pain, experiences joy, who has made the wrong decision, who wants more out of Life, who has a story to tell, who has the power to inspire someone else and overall going through a journey of their own. Which brings me to the purpose of ImNotheOnly1.com. I’m here to be the one who brings motivation, positivity, truth, & encouragement to anyone who needs it!

My name is Brandon Rashaad Powell, I grew up in Tampa, FL before heading to college on a full NCAA basketball scholarship at Saint Leo University. After graduating from Saint Leo University with my Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, life hit me hard! I quickly learned that companies would always do what’s best for them so I started doing the same! I wanted & deserved more out of life than I was getting. I knew God didn’t place me here to sit behind a desk and take orders. I knew I had a passion for helping people. Which led me to start my own fitness company and leaving corporate America. My life & the lives of several people are becoming better each day because I took my leap of faith & decided to do something different than the average person!

So with that being said, welcome to my site! Browse through the different sections of I’m Not The Only One & hopefully, my words can bring hope, inspiration, joy to your life. If you like what you read, share with someone else because we never know what the next person is going through, so spreading positivity one person at a time is key. Have a blessed Day or Night!

– Brandon R. Powell