When people hear the word “Investment“, some would automatically think of money. While that is one form of investing, it’s definitely not the only way to invest. Investments can come in the form of money, time, effort, emotions, etc. I believe this goes for anything in life that you may want to achieve. Whether it’s a healthy marriage, great kids, a healthy body, a successful business, helping others, etc. You choose any of those examples and I guarantee that it will take some form of an investment from you to make that goal happen.

Before I started this entrepreneurial journey that I’m currently on, I knew that I would have to invest money, effort and time. However, I didn’t realize the depth of sacrifice that it entails, nor exactly how much time. I absolutely didn’t know how much of my emotions would be invested. The truth is that this road is very uncertain and I’ve had to invest TIME into myself on a daily basis in order to become a better man. I’ve had to continuously work on controlling my EMOTIONS. I learned that if I didn’t have control over my emotions, I would lose myself and become lost on this journey. This is all in addition to all of the other investments that I continue to make every day.

I had a conversation with a guy a few months ago who didn’t quite understand this concept but aspired to take this path of entrepreneurship. He wasn’t a bad person or anything but something wasn’t clicking on the importance of investing. Long story short, he needed to take a course to solidify himself within the industry that he was aspiring to grow in. He explained that money was tight for him and that he didn’t quite see the importance of spending the money before making money in the field. I told him,

You’re simply investing in yourself.

I explained that investing in yourself is not always convenient, but it’s something you must do throughout the entire process of this journey. He was adamant about it not being smart and even had the audacity to tell me I wouldn’t do it if I were him.

He again was wrong. I have continued to make financial investments on a very low budget, ahead of things happening in my life. In the end, it boils down to the mindset between the two of us. He viewed it as something worth investing in once things will be a guarantee. I view my investments as the beginning of something I aspire to have. The more I invest, the hungrier I become to make it a success. Behind the scenes right now, I’m investing my time, money, efforts and emotions in making a few things come to life that the world will see very soon.

Look at everything you’re doing or wish to be doing. Ask yourself these questions,

  1. What am I investing?
  2. If I continue down this path with my current investments or lack of investing, can/willI grow?
  3. Which area or areas can I invest more?

Only you will know the truth and you have to be honest with yourself to get the answers. I’m not perfect, which is why I’m constantly reevaluating my current investments and considering where I have room for improvement. Moving forward, we have to change how we view investments. Don’t view them as a burden or a setback because of the cost, but rather the beginning of something great. We all have the ability to be great but if we don’t invest in ourselves, we will continue to hold ourselves back from being better than we currently are. Make the investment, YOU ARE WORTH IT…