Long-winded was an understatement when it came to my “Grandaddy John”. No, I’m serious (laughing). I remember him and my dad speaking on the phone when I was younger, my dad would hand me the phone while my grandfather was speaking so that I could hear him going on and on. I remember specifically, one time while we were in the car on the way home, my dad covered the phone with his hand. He would occasionally do this in an effort to lower his voice, as he laughed. This time, however, my dad said

If I ever get long-winded like this, Please slap me!

Ironically enough, he picked up on Grandaddy John’s trait a long time ago (laughing). I can’t laugh too hard though, because I am definitely their son! It seems like more often than not, I portray the same traits as both of them (hand-on forehead).

The older I become, the more aware I am of the similarities between my personality and my father’s. We have more and more in common every single day. Not to mention, I hear it from my wife and my mom all the time! My wife and step-mom even have conversations about how much we’re alike. Recently, I went to my dad’s home on Sunday to watch football games. He informed me that they just got another Mercedes Benz vehicle. This time, they got the SUV style, to go along with the sedan they already had. If this was anyone else I would just congratulate them. Rather than thinking too deeply about it. Although I’d genuinely be happy for them. In this case, it goes a little deeper.

Ever since I was younger, my dad would take my brother and me with him to look at places and things that he eventually wanted to visit or purchase. One of the places we most commonly visited was the Mercedes Benz dealership. The car salesman would get us ice-cold water, pull around the exact car my dad dreamed of getting and take us on a test drive. We never went home with the car. However, the look on my dad’s face while test-driving was memorable-a look I’ll never forget. I was a look of Joy, Motivation, and Confidence. My dad would always tell us that he was going to get a Mercedes. Yet, as the years went on, he kept upgrading his vehicles to nicer ones, but never the Mercedes he wanted. Well, now I’m in his home garage looking at not one but TWO new Mercedes Benz that he and my stepmother own.

I told the story of my Grandfather earlier because it’s just crazy to me how the traits we pick up from our parents can be so influential in our lives. I may have picked up on the long-winded trait, just like my dad and Grandfather. I also picked up on my dad’s ability to stay focused on what he wants. More specifically, I picked up on the belief of speaking things into existence. See, my dad believes as I do, we must speak any and everything we desire to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Not only do we speak it, but we believe it can and WILL happen. The exact timing is not in our control, but what we speak and believe to be true is absolutely in our control.

I have already spoken many aspects of my life into existence. While some things still haven’t come to fruition yet, I don’t doubt for a second that they will come though. Hard times may come before, but I just have to continue to keep my faith, trust while following God’s will for my life, and control what I can control on a daily basis. I advise to anyone reading this blog, START SPEAKING THE LIFE YOU WANT INTO EXISTENCE! Go look at homes you may want to live in one day, go test drive the vehicle style you like, write down what you want out of a significant other, write down how you want to leave your mark on this earth, write down your health goals, etc. After you take pictures, do your test drives, write what you want down. SPEAK THEM, to the man above and to yourself. Of course, these things can change for you but why settle for the life that is given to you, when you can speak the life you want into existence…

#Thoughts by Brandon R. Powell