It’s been longer than a month since I’ve posted my last blog. For the one’s who’ve been waiting for me to blog again, sorry for the wait. The last time I took a long break like this (actually longer), it was because I was not in the right space mentally to write. Everything that was coming to mind was very negative and nothing I would want to share with the world. This time however was a little bit different.

The one’s closest to me know that I’ve been working on my very first book and over the last month I’ve really been able to get into a nice groove of writing. I placed my book on hold for over a YEAR. I placed it on hold for two reasons.

  1. The same negative space that I mentioned above.
  2. Fear

I was afraid to actually write as silly as that sounds. I would find any reason not to work on my book. I would set time aside for Church, Wife, Workouts, Gym Business, Blogs and set aside time for my book. When it was time to work on the book though, out of fear I’d talk myself into working on more blogs.

The fear was that my book: wouldn’t be good, wouldn’t be long enough, people will not understand the message I’m trying to get across, I’d get writer’s block, etc. Then after questions from my wife asking me:

“What’s up with your book? Are you still working on your book? When are you releasing your book? What are you waiting for?”

Enough was enough, I finally had to look at myself and laugh. The very thing that I write about, I was doing right then. Letting fear stop me instead of drive me.

We all have things in our lives that we want to do but silly reasons that I mentioned keeps us from achieving our goals. Keeps us from taking action to act on the God sent vision. I’m human so I will admit I have to go through the same thoughts as everyone else. I have emotions just like everyone else. I’m not the only one who has a vision, doubts, goals, fear, special gifts, insecurities, etc.

Coming Soon…..“I’m Not The Only One”