Ever want to prove something to someone so bad, you forget what made you want to do it in the first place? If we’re being honest here, that was me most of my life. Ok, that was a lie. That was me all of my life until the last year or so. I found myself so busy placing my focus on proving others wrong, that I’d forget why I was passionate about what I was doing to begin with. I’d be provoked so easily. It was simple as someone saying a smart response, saying I couldn’t do it, comparing me to someone who I felt I could outdo me- basically, anything of that nature would only add logs to my fire.

Back in college at Saint Leo University, my college basketball coach and I had a complicated relationship. Most often times things were up and down because he stood as the disciplinary figure, while I was a young college kid who thought I knew it all. One day during practice, I got frustrated at my coach several times and eventually I yelled at him “ I’M GOING TO PROVE YOU WRONG!” I was speaking in regards to who I was as a basketball player. Surprisingly, he got back in my face and his response was something that I didn’t quite understand at the time. My coach said to me, “prove me right!” He followed that with, “I believe you can do it, so you’re not proving me wrong, you’re proving me right…so prove me right!” At the time, I couldn’t process what he was saying because just a few seconds prior, he was getting on my case about something that he wanted me to improve at. So, I went back to my only way of doing things- I used his words as fuel to work hard at what he didn’t want me doing, to prove him wrong.

I didn’t realize until recently, once I started to work on myself, the depth of what he was truly saying. I never realized that he was saying that he had 100 percent belief that I could in fact do it. I just needed to work on it more. I realize now that there was no need to have frustration toward him as if he didn’t believe in me or that he was someone I needed to prove wrong. He knew I could and that’s why he gave me a scholarship to play for his team.

Recently I’ve learned to place that energy into proving myself right. So I say to you PROVE YOURSELF RIGHT. I wasted so much energy trying to prove people wrong and they aren’t even in my life anymore. I am grateful for those experiences because they helped me create a strong work ethic and have thicker skin. While I knew that I was capable of so many great things, it also created the negative habit of needing to be motivated by negativity. Using situations like this as motivation began to work against me because without the negativity I found it difficult to go as hard as I knew I could at accomplishing the goals I set for myself. Once I realized who I am as a God fearing man, I began to realize what mattered the most in life and what didn’t. I began to realize how important my energy is. I began to realize that after accomplishing many of those goals based off of negativity, I still wasn’t satisfied. I believe I wasn’t satisfied because I lost site of why I started in the first place. So I do things NOW not only to inspire others but also to place my family in a better place. Most Importantly I do it to PROVE MYSELF RIGHT. I choose to focus on proving myself right to continue to become the man I know I can be and to accomplish what God placed me here for. So whatever your goals may be, use each day to become better so you’re constantly on the right path and your energy is being used in a positive manner. Negativity may get you going but take it from me, if you want to be able to sustain your goals… PROVE YOURSELF RIGHT…