A few months back, a friend of mine shared an experience of hers with me that I have to touch on…

She explained,

“As I was pumping gas at the gas station, I heard a younger girl speaking to her mom in an excited tone at the pump next to me. Her mother’s response annoyed me to the core. The entire conversation was in Spanish, so I made sure I responded in Spanish so the mother could hear my response to her LOUD and ignorant statement to her daughter…”

Little Girl:

“ Wow! Mommy look at her body, When I grow up I want to look like her!”


“When she gets older her body won’t stay like that.”

Little Girl:

Face went from excited to a sadden look

Me to the Little Girl:

“Don’t listen to your mother because I work very hard for my body. You’re beautiful now and you can look just like I do when you get older”


Pissed Look on her face

After listening. I couldn’t help but to feel just as annoyed as she was, even though I wasn’t there. The little girl was chubby, following in the lead of her mother who was obese, with little control over her food intake and lifestyle habits. Children aren’t able to buy their own food-that’s the responsibility of their parents. Children also tend to adopt the beliefs, mindsets and unconscious bias perspectives.

I remember growing up and seeing teachers with oversized stomachs tucked into their jeans, and men who had big bellies that would hang over their pants. I even had family members with brittle legs and unhealthy bodies. I remember thinking to myself that’s just what people look like as they get older. At the time I failed to realize that these individuals just stopped caring about their health, never cared to begin with or were taught incorrect habits from their parents. Consequently, this mindset and lack of desire to grown continues to be passed down to the next generation.

For some of you reading this, it may sting a little because you may fall into one of these categories. GOOD! I HOPE IT DOES STING!! I say that to remind you that your body is your vehicle in life and it’s the only one you’re going to get. TAKE CARE OF IT! I’m not saying you have to be perfect, because no one is. I have my imperfections that I’m working on too! I get lazy at times and take the easy way out just like most of America, but the difference between me and a lot of others out there, is I don’t give up. I’m not looking for diets or shortcut workouts. I’m looking to better my Way of Life at all times. I first went vegetarian back in 2018. I did it, not because it’s the popular thing to do but after losing uncles and aunts to health related issues had a significant impact on my life. It made me appreciate my health and take my fitness to another level. At first, I went strong for a solid six months before giving into the same temptations that each of you do. However, I refuse to give up! I decided to restart my vegetarian journey on March 24, 2019. I am currently on Day 37 and each morning I wake up and choose my health. I choose to lift weights 5/6 days a week and do fasted cardio 3/4 days a week. I allow myself to only eat bad food for one meal a week if that, etc. It’s all of the little choices that I make daily that contribute to my overall health and well being. No matter how hard it gets at times, I know the alternative is being unhealthy and feeling like crap while shortening my life. It’s not about looking better than anyone around you. It’s about being the best version of yourself as possible, ESPECIALLY when you have kids because they’re watching everything you do. Lead my example! Show these children that while they should love who they are, they should never stop striving to become better. Show them Self-Love instead of them growing up with major insecurities because they were never shown how to eat healthy, be active and stay consistent. It starts with us- the adults. If you don’t know, ask someone who does. It’s not too late to learn. START NOW, so that you can tell your own story later in life rather than a story being told about you and how you’re no longer here today because of neglect with your health. You can do it, just take it one meal, one workout, one day at a time…