In a culture filled with unrealistic expectations and deadlines for life’s special moments, who are you? Who are you aiming to be? Do you conform to the norms set by the peers within your community? Are you aiming to fulfill a family legacy one step at a time? Are you living to become the person your spouse and other loved ones expect for you to become?

Do you know?

I had to answer that question myself, and while it wasn’t easy, it allowed me to dig a little deeper. I had to stop doing things that would make others happy all of the time and focus on what makes me happy. I had to stop trying to live the life others expected of me and strive for the life that I desired for myself. Even more importantly, I had to find the reasons why God placed me here on this earth. While doing this I lost SEVERAL “friends” & at the time it hurt me but man, when I tell you I GENUINELY don’t care anymore, I can say it and mean it! That was all God’s doing. Once I began to place my future and purpose into his hands, things became clear for me.

So many of us don’t know who we are, so we find ourselves all over the place looking for happiness, fulfillment and purpose in places ( and people) that were never meant to be. This sense of lack and unfulfillment begins to leave us broken inside because we’re still not happy. I don’t care if you have money, a great job, a significant other, etc.- you can have it all and still be lost. When you focus on finding yourself, you will not only get closer to finding your purpose but you will realize what you want in life.

Helping others on their journey is an amazing gesture but don’t neglect yourself in the process….