“Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you will make it right off the bat. You must have faith, work hard at what you do and speak everything into existence. I see people every day that are great at what they do but throw in the towel too soon! Start something, go through those tough times and keep faith in the plan He has for you! Your breakthrough could be a day away. Walk by Faith and not by Sight!”

Those words may sound familiar because I wrote them back on April 19, 2015, just days before I took my biggest leap of faith thus far- leaving corporate America on April 23, 2015. It’s crazy to think that although I’ve written these words, I was almost the one who threw in the towel as recent as a few months ago. Hypocritical huh? Whatever, I’m human and have to talk myself off of the ledge sometimes too. I have to remind myself that this is a journey and that it’s not always going to be easy. I’m constantly telling myself that this is only another chapter within my story and that sometimes, revisiting the overall goal will help me focus on the small changes that are necessary to create a smooth and successful journey. So far, 2019 has been about just that- focusing on the details.

Since 2019 has begun, I knew some things in my life had to change and it started with my relationship with God. I have always been a believer and knew that I could do anything through Him, but I’ve felt called to learn His word. While I haven’t been a member of a church since I was about 15, this past February I changed that. I knew I needed to make my foundation solid. I needed to do things based on His will for me and not for my own desires. By doing that, I’ve not only become a better individual, but I also get a much more clear sense of direction for my life. Additionally, cultivating a deeper relationship with Christ has allowed me to focus on other areas that I need to improve, like my health. I’m not by any means an unhealthy person, but I expect more from myself. I recently adopted a vegetarian lifestyle again and got back on a strict regiment in the gym, making sure I work out a consistent 6 days a week. By doing that, I’ve not only cut weight and gain energy, but I’ve been able to increase my focus on life in general. This expansion over pours into my finances as well. That can be a tricky area, especially for an entrepreneur who lacks the stability of a 9-5 job paycheck. When your money comes in from different areas, you must budget and know where each dollar is going at all times. You will find yourself in situations that will only make your journey much more difficult.

When I wrote that status back in 2015, I knew the journey would become difficult at times and while I had all of the practical advice to give myself, actually going through it was tougher than I expected. This journey has been a whole new type of beast! What I’ve witnessed is that it’s in the most enduring moments that will either bring out the best in all of us or makes us throw in the towel. However, even in my most vulnerable moments, in tears, I could hear the still small voice inside of me saying that giving up was NOT an option. I knew that I needed to continue to tweak all of the small details that lead to big difference-not only my business, but within my approach to LIFE overall. I knew that I had to prioritize God first because without Him I’m nothing. Secondly, my health needed more attention because If I’m not in the best shape of my life I’m selling myself short. Finally, I’ve revisited my finances to ensure that every single dollar has its own place. I am blessed. I am also able to say most of my problems in life relate to lack of patience, trusting others and money, which thankfully means that they can all be solved. So if you’re one who is about to throw in the towel on whatever it is you’re doing, DON’T!!! Just go back to the drawing board, take a look at areas you can make changes and improvements to, and focus on that!. Remember in this journey it takes Planning, Hard Work, Faith & Persistency. So no matter what…