If you follow me on Instagram (@_PowellEmpire_), Facebook, & clearly through my blogs you will or already have seen me say “Keep Pushing Forward” a lot! It’s not only something I say to others but it is something I tell myself SEVERAL times a day as well. I have to because it’s too easy to lose focus on what really matters because something or several things have not gone according to plan. “Keep Pushing Forward” stems from adversity, which is something that will come at one point or another in your life. It also stems from how my father raised my brother and I…

Growing up I heard this same message but in a different way. Let’s just say, My father was not and till this day is still not the guy to go to for a pity party. It didn’t matter if I fell, he would say “ok, get up.” If I failed a class, after yelling at me he would say “ok, what are you going to do different so you can get that grade up?” If I didn’t like the outcome of something, he would say, “Ok what’s the next move.” No matter what the situation was growing up, he would make sure my energy was going towards something that would put me in a better situation the next time or at least make me a better person. I’m assuming that’s the reason I’m not the guy to give pity parties either, but let me give you another example….

When I was in 11th grade, my father and I both believed I had the skills to be starting on my high school varsity basketball team, however my coach had a different opinion. He thought I was good enough for the bottom of the bench (ok 3rd to last guy on the bench). At the end of the season I was mentally drained from the suspicion of whether I was going to play or not (mostly didn’t). So drained and discouraged I was about to quit basketball. My father took me to Red Lobster after our last game of the season and had a life changing chat with me. He said, “I know you’re upset and so am I, but you’re not quitting. You can do all of the crying you want tonight but it’s time to go harder and prove to your coach you are the one. If you quit now, you will quit on many things in life.” So with that being said I kept pushing forward.

That was life changing for me because I did more than prove what I could do to my coach, my school, my family, the city of Tampa but it let me know it’s ok to have emotions. When something is not going our way, it’s our human nature to have an emotional reaction which may be: sad, mad, depressed, angry, confused, etc. This is where you should probably pay close attention…. After that INITIAL reaction, it becomes a decision. We can choose to keep that same initial reaction but what good comes from that? Our energy is very powerful, so use it for good. KEEP PUSHING FORWARD is an action that can completely change your life for the better. It can help towards creating a different outcome the next time, becoming a better person or even helping someone else so they become a better person. You can play the Victim card, Quit altogether or do what I do which is to KEEP PUSHING FORWARD…Choice is yours.